About Me

I am a quiet and shy person at first; I do not really go out my way to talk to others. However I do enjoy having conversations and being around others.

Josh in Germany, arm wrestling a friend from his hostel!

So if you see me out and about please say Hi so we can get a conversation going. I love making jokes and getting a positive energy going too!

I am very curious, and I am always learning or building something. Most of the time to just make my friends and I laugh or develop a new skill like learning C.A.D. or laser cutting.

3D printed parts

Honestly, a I take a little bit longer to pick up things then other people because I have a learning disability. However, I work very hard at it and found tricks around it. Such as, using the accessibility tools on my Macbook and phone. Additionally, once I start picking up on the new concept I can reach a very deep level of mastery and become a go to person.


In my free-time, I like doing things that continue to work my brain or bring me some kind of rush.

The hobbies that “continue to work my brain”:

  • Photography
    • Get to think about what makes a good photo, and how to compose a good shot
    • Great way to enjoy a walk and think about the city I live in a different way
    • Brings me closer to my friends when I take photos of them and meet new people as well.
    • Check out my Photography instagram account
  • Chess
    • Think about things at a higher level then I normally do
    • Helpful to think in a more strategic way, in the sense I have to plan out my moves and think four moves ahead of my current move and think about the counter moves as well to each move.
    • A really great way to meet brilliant people.
    • Play me on Chess.com
  • Hobbyist Electronics
    • I keep a membership to MHub, which is the makerspace I go to. You can find me being an NPC there when I am not working. it has been really helpful for to be there for networking, developing my hardware skills, and just generally building things.
    • Electronics projects are more tangible than the software project I deal with all day.
    • I like making things go “blinkly, blinky” or “Clickly, Clicky”
    • Need to utilize this expensive degree I got from Purdue University somehow, ha.

The hobbies that bring me a “rush”:

on stage at a Marc Rebillet concert at the Aragon Ballroom

  • Music
    • Love going to concerts
    • Discussing music and find new artist
    • Really into House, Techno, and Rap music.
    • Meme Rap, is real rap and its good, Okay!
  • Cycling
    • Feels good to go really fast, shoot down alleyways and jump through traffic
    • Good way to get my body moving and explore the city.
  • Things with Motors
    • As a former Florida man, I lived in Florida until high school. I am very use to random bolted together vehicles flying down my street very fast. Sometimes, it was me on weed eater bike cycle.
    • Really into Cars. I dream of the day I can (safely) afford a Porsche 911 turbo S GTS 3.
    • Getting a Motorcycle this summer because the BMW isn’t really doing it for me like the Miata was.